Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Recent Pet Portrait by Kelli Swan - 3 Doberman Pinscher Dogs

Custom Pet Portrait of 3 Doberman Pinschers by Kelli Swan in Pencil
Last year (2013) I donated a Custom Pencil Drawing to Forever Dobes Rescue in Ohio for the Christmas Raffle. Having adopted 5 Doberman Pinschers myself over the years, I am always happy when I can help out one of the rescues and give back in some small way.

The winner of the Raffle Basket which included my portrait requested that I create a portrait of her three Dobermans. This project was such a joy, and I think (hope) that feeling is reflected in the outcome of the project!

You are welcome to check out my full portfolio of custom pencil drawings and custom pen & ink house drawings at my website, www.pencilplace.com.