Thursday, August 04, 2011

Using Print-on-Demand to Create Fine Art Prints

Emerging artists frequently ask the question: "How do I make print (reproductions) from my drawings [or paintings]?" This is often asked after numerous attempts at making reproductions - usually with disappointing results. Many artists think that finding a good printer is the problem, when in fact the secret is in the image preparation!

The key to getting good reproductions is the image scan & prep. You need to start with a top quality high-res image scan. This scan then needs to be edited for reproduction use via a program like Photoshop.  Once that is done, the rest is easy - you can have the end result file printed through a variety of outlets - a local printer, a print-on-demand website, etc. (My current favorite source for POD (print on demand) fine art prints is Fine Art America. I have a number of my open edition Horse, Dog and Cat prints available there now.)

Preparing images for reproduction is a specialized area, and what needs to be learned & understood could not be covered in a single blog post.  So, if you can find a local graphic designer that has a good scanner and specializes in pre-press work, that would help a lot. If not, you might try Fine Print Imaging.  They are based out of Colorado and can do just the scan, or the editing work and even the reproductions.  I used them once when I had a drawing too large for my scanner and their service was great.

Slide show courtesy of Fine Art America:

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