Sunday, March 02, 2008

Now Available - Kelli’s NEW BOOK!

From Creating Art to Creating Income
Marketing Tip for the Visual Artist

“How did you get started selling your artwork?” That is the question that inspired me to write this book. It is a question I have been asked many times over the years. Whether self-schooled or traditionally taught, most amateur artists have been taught little about how to generate income from their work. This book contains a wealth of helpful tips, interwoven with life philosophy, designed to inform and inspire. I cover traditional marketing methods such as art festivals and gallery shows along with modern ecommerce approaches to selling artwork like websites and online auctions. Packed full of helpful information, this book is sure to inspire any artist ready to take the plunge into “earned income” from his or her own creations!

This book is now available through Kelli Swan’s Book Storefront. In coming weeks the book will be available through my website and also all the major booksellers like and

Coming Soon - Assorted Doberman Pinchser Note Cards!

This year I have decided to offer packs of Assorted Doberman Pinscher Note Cards. There are eight different drawings featured - all focused on the beloved Doberman Dog. Each pack contains eight different note cards and eight envelopes. The retail price will be $10/pack. Please check my website soon, as I hope to have these cards from the printer and ready to sell by March 24, 2008!

Coming Soon - Assorted Greyhound Note Cards!

Due to many requests over the years, I have decided to have more Greyhound Note Cards printed. This year I will be offering an assorted pack of notes, with 2/each of four different Greyhound Dog Drawings. Each pack will retail for $10. Check back soon - as I hope to have these card from the printer by March 24, 2008!