Thursday, October 04, 2007

Artwork donated for GPA Houston Fundraiser

This year I was given the opportunity to once again work with one of my favorite Dog Rescue groups -- the Houston GPA (Greyhound Pets of America.) We have had several collaborations together, of course always centered around the elegant and oh-so-artful Greyhound Dog! Those of you who have or are familiar with Greyhounds know what wonderful artistic subjects they make and what hams they can be!

The artwork created this year was art-directed by Arden and Jeff Tucker. You see, funds are being raised for a new rescue facility, and an artist rendering was needed to create a visual for people. Once the drawing was finished, they applied it as the theme for the big, fall Golf Tournament Fundraiser. Arden has kindly given her permission to post the samples her on my blog:


Percheron Draft Horse print used for Awards

This fall 20 of my Limited Edition Percheron Draft Horse Art Prints ("Parade Hitch") were used for the awards at the Geauga County Fair Draft Horse Show. My contact at the Agricultural Society tells me the prints were a big hit!

"Parade Hitch"

Stay tuned for some new Pencil Drawing artwork later this year. New drawings on the table include conceptual pieces comprised of both graphite pencil and colored pencil.