Monday, March 13, 2006


Kelli Swan Publishes Book of Her Pencil Drawings and Inspirations

March 13, 2005

Kelli Swan has just published her first book, titled “She drew horses…”

If you were to ask those who remember Kelli Swan from her youth – teachers, friends, family – many would likely begin with “Oh yes, she’s the one who drew the horses!” This book features the amazing Pencil Drawings of Kelli Swan. It is a book about drawings, dreams and inspirations. Horse creations abound, along with many other beautiful images. In this her first book, Kelli shares a selection of artwork along with her favorite inspirational quotes.

“The simplicity of a pencil fascinates me. It is one of the most basic of tools, and yet it can be used to create images of great complexity and depth. To take that which is simple and basic, and to create with it something moving and inspiring is a personally enriching experience. To me, this creative process is a reflection of life. We all possess very basic tools, and what can be created with these tools is incredibly complex, moving and full of potential”

The book is now available for purchase through and


Kelli Swan specializes in the beautiful and striking effect of graphite illustration. Her detailed pencil drawings depicting various themes have won many awards in prestigious juried art shows. In addition, her drawings have been published on magazine covers, special event program covers and in a variety of publications. Kelli’s original works reside in collections in Germany, The UAE and The United States. Educated at the University of Akron in Ohio, she received her BFA with Summa Cum Laude honors.

Kelli draws her inspiration from a life-long love of animals and nature. Fascinated with drawing at an early age, she was already winning art competitions in Jr. High School. High School brought more awards, as well as a special devotion to her artwork. She participated in extra-curricular art classes and was receiving commissions by the age of 16!

Kelli’s artwork is available through her websites:, and